Sunday, 23 February 2014

Saturday 22nd February 2014

At last today we finished the surveying of the walls along Low Lane, despite having to dodge the cars, bikes, joggers and horses!
Tony, Chris and Sue absorbed in their survey  (c) Jane Lunnon
After lunch, when the cold biting winds got to us a bit as we stood still, we took a stroll over the footpath behind Water Lane Laithe towards the railway embankments. Here is a wall which - although probably built by the Midland Railway company in the 19thC – appears to mark the line of a much older boundary – the southern edge of Embsay township. The presence of a ditch running inside it confirms this together with documentary evidence that we have.
It's a dirty job - but someone has to do it!  (c) Jane Lunnon

It was a muddy walk and we were greeted by a couple of eager sheep under the delusion that we were here to feed them.

Now we look forward to our next session when we will get off the surprisingly busy road of Low Lane, and onto some of the footpaths around the parish.

Jane Lunnon