Thursday, 1 March 2018

Wednesday 28 February 2018

I love the snow! So yesterday I went out with my camera taking pictures of our lovely snow – I included a visit to the churchyard. Looks lovely in the snow.

St Mary the Virgin's parish church, Embsay, near Skipton  (c) Jane Lunnon
Today we sheltered indoors – and watched the blizzards from the comfort of a warm living room, while we did some more data inputting to our gravestones database.

We were rather held up by coming across some very curious anomalies. Sue has now recorded getting on for 70 or so in the records – we sometimes think it would have been easier if we didn’t have any historical records because there are so many instances when they don’t seem to agree with the actual gravestones! But in the long run, we know we are very lucky to have plans and grave lists, which many parish churches don’t possess. In the end our records of who is buried where will be more accurate, but it’s sometimes a very confusing business.  Today’s curiosities were particularly frustrating – people not buried where they are supposed to be or missing. We didn’t get them sorted out today, it was so complicated. 
No! That's not what I mean! Yes, It's fine now! No it's not! They should be here - not there!
Still, it’s interesting watching mother and daughter trying to resolve these issues together.

Jane Lunnon