Saturday, 7 November 2015

Wednesday 4th November 2015

We were joined on our churchyard  survey today by Gareth and Nicole Beale from the Centre for Digital Heritage at York University. 

Over a leisurely morning coffee we discussed latest developments, and the various possibilities for future development of the project - all very exciting for us as we start to consider the potential for publication and working with other groups. Gareth and Nicole's help and support is proving such an inspiration - the project just grows and grows!

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to film we go .....
Alan, David and Tony "volunteered" to help Gareth and Nicole film a demonstration video for "How to do RTI", while the rest of us continued surveying the graves on the west and north sides. 

Nicole assures the team this is exciting stuff!
Lunch was rather special - a very nice buffet provided by Sue  - after which work resumed. 
Nicole in 3D
Nicole demonstrated 3D photogrammetry, which is another very interesting technique, and one I am sure we are going to find extremely useful in all sorts of projects. 

"We can figure this out...."
RTI team (Alan, David, Tony) tried out the experimental bar for taking RTI of the horizontal table-top gravestones. There were some difficulties with it, but hopefully with a few tweaks it will prove a useful piece of kit. 

Jane Lunnon - Embsay Research Group (UWHG)

Saturday 31st October 2015

An appropriate day on which to have a re-run of the Graveyard Tour!
Despite the approaching Halloween evening, it was a beautiful autumnal day and quite warm. Perfect for the tour.

We had a waiting list for places, so word had obviously got round about the tour - but this time David was unable to attend, so I had to deliver the two hours all by myself. I was exhausted at the end of it and feel sure I didn't do all of David's sections full justice as he would do, but everyone seemed to enjoy it.

We shall definitely be offering another tour with different stories next year - it seems a perfect way of opening up local history and encouraging people to appreciate the local heritage tucked away in their parish churchyard. 

Jane Lunnon, ERG (UWHG)