Monday, 5 December 2016

Wednesday 30th November 2016

Bitterly cold today – but a beautiful day nonetheless.
So we cracked on – if only to keep warm. Meanwhile, Peter and Tony hung a large silver star from the roof inside the church – they had an ingenious pulley system set up, which was handy, as they had to take the star down and hang it back – the right way up this time!
A few gravestones on the north side needed photographing with RTI, and there are quite a few un-marked graves on the south side which needed to be photographed, recorded and plotted in.
White flags over some of the un-marked graves -
ready to photograph & plot onto the churchyard plan
We so nearly finished the field survey today! All the RTI is now done, and we just have a few un-marked plots on the south side to measure in, and then the field work is all done!
There’s a real sense of achievement – we celebrated by having a jolly lunch at the Elm Tree Inn.

So, now we can think seriously about the next phase of the project – data entry and analysis. What to do with all those photos and all that data?

We’ve already found we are receiving many more family history enquiries since we started this project, and we are able to provide much more accurate information in response.
Now we can turn our attention to using the survey data to monitor the condition of the gravestones, trace changes in design and style of gravestones and so much more – this is all still in development but is very exciting. Should be a very interesting study by the end of it all.

Jane Lunnon