Monday, 3 April 2017

Wednesday, 29 March 2017,

After a break last week, we got together again for another session of typing up Grave reference sheets. The damage caused by Storm Doris has now to be entered as part of the condition monitoring. The tree has now been cut up and is being removed so we can assess the damage - but it is remarkable how lucky we were that minimal damage was caused.
Photo by Sue Stearn

One gravestone has been pushed forward by a falling tree, so it now leans, and a surface crack which existed previously is now much larger; while another, a cross, has been tipped off its plinth - this should be fairly easy to get put back. The greatest damage was to a kerbstone-surround - an inscribed kerbstone has been smashed by the fallen tree. So overall we are very lucky that not more extensive damage was caused. 
Photo by Sue Stearn
Among the grave plots being entered into the reference sheets today were several un-marked graves. In the absence of headstones we are heavily dependent upon the grave plan and burial register to indicate who is buried here. We feel it is very important to record the names of the people buried in these plots - and make it clear that an "empty" space is usually someone's resting place. 

Jane Lunnon