Thursday, 22 October 2015

Wednesday 21st October 2015. 

Typical autumn weather kept us indoors for the morning - but there was plenty to do sitting round the dining table at Sue's house, checking and cross-referencing the burial plan with the burial registers and the genealogical database. There are a surprising number of anomalies in these records, and it's taking several sessions to sort them out, and ascertain exactly who is buried where! Only about half the burial plots have headstones, which often makes this task a puzzling one. 

After lunch we decided to brave the wind and drizzle and went up to the church. Kirk Lane was closed off due to road re-surfacing works, so we had to carry the equipment up. What with that and the weather it was definitely not a day for RTI photography. 

We started triangulating the precise locations of more gravestones so that the precise location of each and every burial lot can be recorded. The wind was so strong that tugging on one of the survey tapes to stop it bowing in the wind, caused it to snap!
Cheerful in adversity!

 The next job was to measure, describe, photograph and survey some individual memorials and burial plots, which despite the increasing wind and cold we managed to do for a couple of hours. 

Sue prepares the next photo-id sheet
Over the whole day, the 4 of us who ventured out, had managed to check 103 grave records, triangulated 25, and completed the survey and recording of 9 graves. 

Another good day's work.

Jane Lunnon, Embsay Research Group