Monday, 7 October 2013

 Sunday 6th October 2013 

Chris, Jane and Alan met up at Halton Heights and set off on the long march up the footpath over Barden Moor, passing several boundary stones on the way.

Our aim was to get to Dolly Roggin, a large boundary stone on the edge of Embsay parish. It has already been surveyed, but not photographed in detail.

Dolly Roggin is a huge earthfast boulder that stands at the junction of Embsay, Rylstone and Barden parish boundaries – it’s an impressive stone on a sheltered hillside with a good view of Upper Barden reservoir below.  An iron fence post was embedded in its top face, probably in the 19th Century, and further similar metal fence posts can be seen nearby.

We enjoyed a leisurely packed lunch before Alan set about carefully photographing the stone in detail and overview. The sun same out for a few minutes here and there, but the light was mostly rather grey as brooding clouds hung overhead.  We returned from our visit to Dolly Roggin via the boundary stone t Peggy West’s well, one we had surveyed and photographed several months ago.

As we approached the end of our walk of course the sun came out and the temperature rose. A chilly autumn day suddenly became an Indian summer.

 Jane Lunnon   

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