Sunday, 2 March 2014

Saturday 1st March 2014

With the kind permission of a local farmer, 4 of the Embsay Research Team enjoyed a good day out studying the wall of a large field in Eastby. The weather was kind despite the threat of rain, and we only really got cold while sitting still over our lunch break.
(c)  Jane Lunnon

The field proved to have a complicated wall structure with several different types and ages of drystone walling surrounding it, all of which adds to the growing picture of how the field systems in the parish developed through the centuries. The surviving gateposts were all fairly similar in character, matching some of those we find elsewhere in the parish, and indeed across the Dales.

The discovery of an old revetted wall down a now disused enclosed lane, running alongside one side of the field, proved very interesting – this is a feature which can also seen down Low Lane, and we know of another excellent example in the neighbouring parish of Halton East. These may be indicators of rights of way going back to at least the medieval period.
(c)  Jane Lunnon 
As ever, Tony’s trousers remained virtually pristine clean while the rest of us ended up with mud coating our trousers up to our knees! We returned home at the end of the day for a cuppa and a slice (or two!) for Sue’s excellent home-made chocolate cake. 

Jane Lunnon 

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