Sunday, 23 March 2014

Saturday 22nd  March 2014

Having missed out on walls surveying last week due to the weather, we decided to brave it today despite ominous weather forecasts.

While Sue and Tony were busy with their involvement in the Embsay Churchyard project, 3 of us – Jane, Chris and David – made a good start on the walls along Water Lane, a farm track-cum-footpath which runs up from Low Lane in to Eastby.
Measuring a gateway on Water Lane  (c)  Jane Lunnon
Through our binoculars we caught sight of a fascinating old pole-gate post which got us ridiculously excited. We must find out who owns that field and see if the farmer will be kind enough to let us go and have a closer look. He’ll think we’re mad for being so interested in a gate post!!

At the end of our half-day’s survey we also came across a nice but short section of wall which stood out for its sturdy, bold construction with very large stones, in curious contrast to other walls along the lane.
Spring sunshine - half an hour before the rain came down  (c)  Jane Lunnon
We made good progress, and even had time to have lunch before the spring sunshine faded, the black clouds closed in, and the rain forced us to retreat home for coffee and carrot cake.

Jane Lunnon

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