Friday, 22 May 2015

Wednesday 20th May 2015

A good day was spent recording and measuring in St Mary's Churchyard in Embsay. The weather wasn't ideal for RTI photography as here was a strong breeze and the bright intervals were frequent, short & unpredictable. But moving round to the east side meant we were a little more sheltered from the strong gusts of wind.

This was our first proper day of RTI - at least it was meant to be. Jane's flash gun refused to work remotely in sync with the camera, so only Alan managed to get any RTI done - the results were good though on the gravestone he did this morning. 

Each team quickly got into an efficient rhythm of working depending on their own group dynamics, using Sue's latest version of the recording forms, which worked really well. Most of the gravestones on the east side are in good condition and don't need RTI so we were able to crack on with the "plain" photographs and recording of them. 

Sue and Bridget spent a good  morning sorting out the plan of the memorial garden and updating the records for these. 

We had a leisurely lunch inside the church - and of course, enjoyed Sue's chocolate cake. 

In the afternoon we measured in the location of each of the gravestones we had surveyed so far - this placed them on the plan in relation to the fixed reference points we had identified on the church building. It was a little like maypole dancing as the different teams choreographed their way around each other trailing their surveyors' tapes up and over and through!

Jane Lunnon

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