Friday, 28 October 2016

Wednesday 26 October 2016.
As Jane is away I have the pleasure of writing the blog this week.
Well just a select three today with Alan newly back from his travels in Iran, Tony and Me(Sue) on super cloudy day for RTI. It also meant we had lots of cake and Alan brought back some from Iran too. Sorry Jane you missed out!
We spent the day RTI’ing, you have to be fit for the kerb stone graves as the string holder (Me) spent a lot of time kneeling! As Jane was away there was no one to take any embarrassing photographs phew! Though I did manage to take a picture of my feet, not sure why! Tony and Alan did do some work, here is the photograph to prove this.
 The blue canister hanging from the tripod is filled with sand, Alan’s invention to weigh the tripod down when it is windy so it does not move, as this affects the RTI results.

We also surveyed a rather beautiful marble grave made by J Lowe of Skipton that dates from about 1907. The flower carvings are especially fine.
Our friendly Robin was absent today maybe too cold, but the owls have been busy judging by the number of owl pellets on the ground by the tower.

Only 60 more graves to survey on the North side, hopefully we will complete this by the end of November.
Sue Stearn.

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