Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Wednesday 16th November 2016

I know we’re always going on about the weather but we are  British, and churchyard surveying does mean working outdoors – if it’s cold, wet and windy you get pretty cold standing around in a graveyard!!

Rained off this morning, three brave souls among us ventured out in the autumn sunshine of the afternoon to continue recording on the North side. At first it was fine – a bit chilly, but fine, so long as we wrapped up warm with fleecy jackets, woolly hats, caggys and gloves.
Wrapped up warm!
We spent a little time inside the church in the rather unexpected pursuit of lifting a wet carpet to dry off the wooden floor underneath after a leak from the water boiler in the kitchen. Lots and lots of newspaper put down to soak it up.

Gorgeous autumn colours of fallen leaves
Back outside as the afternoon progressed it got colder, breezier and wetter – we finished our target of grave plots just in time – the sun had gone, the drizzle was becoming more like rain, and the wind was blowing our tape into curves, making triangulation rather awkward. 

Quite a good day’s work was done though.

Jane Lunnon. 

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