Saturday, 26 November 2016

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

It was bitterly cold but beautifully bright and sunny, with vibrant yellow autumn leaves still fluttering above us in the trees.

We got a lot of work done, and apart from 3 stones which need RTI photography the survey of the North side is now complete.
That just leaves some un-marked plots on the south to finish and we will have met our target to finish all the fieldwork by Christmas!

While we were having our morning coffee to warm up, a large class of children from Embsay Primary School visited the church as part of their First World War project – they came to look for memorials within the church and outside in the churchyard. They were so well behaved, and attentive to the teacher, and seemed to really enjoy hunting for the little memorials scattered around the place. We were very impressed with their enthusiasm combined with quiet and respectful demeanour.

Jane Lunnon

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