Monday, 10 July 2017

10 July 2017 

A recent visit to North Norfolk allowed us (Sue, Tony and Jennifer Stearn) to explore local village churches in the Blackeney area and their graveyards.
Some of the medieval churches are like Cathedrals and reflect the wealth in the area at that time.

Above is a photograph of St Margaret Church, Cley, and below, a box tomb in its churchyard made with flint, a local stone.

Cley was once at the harbour mouth of Blakeney Haven, the great north Norfolk conurbation of ports, where the streets thronged with wealthy merchants and their workers. The port no longer exists due to silting.

On our way to Norfolk we also visited another St Margaret's church, this time in Sibsey, Lincolnshire, where family members are buried. I noticed that one grave was made of ceramic, painted black to resemble black marble. We also have one in St Mary's, Embsay - but I have never seen another until visiting Sibsey. They both date from 1930 - 1940's. 
Sue Stearn.

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