Thursday, 18 July 2019

Tuesday 16 July 2019

We arrived at Conistone to find the sidesman valiantly trying to clear away some of the overgrowth for us with a strimmer. 

It is a delicate balance to maintain a churchyard where the small congregation and remote location makes it difficult to find the resources. The location at Kilnsey-with-Conistone also makes this an ideal spot for a little nature reserve and the churchyard here has been allowed to develop as a home for wild flowers, insects and birds for several years. The whole churchyard certainly looked absolutely gorgeous with all the wild plants and flowers, but much of it is bramble and nettles as well. 
"So, where do we start?"
A few footpaths had already been cleared through but we couldn’t get to the gravestones. So, sadly, some of the plants had to go. 
Eileen: "I've lost Sue - I hope she can find her way back"
The strimmer couldn’t cope with it all and we spent much of the day using shears to expose each memorial we wanted to survey. 
The graveyard pixies busy at work
In many places the memorials were completely lost to view, but some of the taller memorials could be seen poking their heads above the  plants, which were 4 to 5 feet high.

Jennifer hard at work 

After - There IS a memorial and kerbstones under all that lot!
This slowed us up somewhat, but it was kind of fun, if a bit back-breaking!

Jane Lunnon

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