Tuesday, 5 April 2016

30 April 2016

The long cold wet winter continues... 

Despite a favourable weather forecast we found ourselves out in a cold, breezy, damp spring day.

In the morning Jennifer and Jane started out with good intentions to measure up some graves on the west side. No sooner had we started than it began to drizzle, making our record sheets wet, so we retreated inside the church. 

Despite some rather long coffee and lunch breaks because of the weather, we did actually make a start on some data entry onto our laptops. 

After lunch, Alan and Sue braved it out to do some photography outside, but I decided to stay inside the church, to keep (relatively) warm, and type up some data instead. 

The weather has been unkind to this project - causing considerable delay in getting the RTI photography done, but otherwise the project is going very well. As we collate the data we are finding lots of connecting themes, and developing lots of ideas for interesting ways to analyse the data. 

Jane Lunnon

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