Saturday, 23 April 2016

Wednesday 20th April 2016

What a glorious spring day it was! Of course, that made it very difficult for the RTI – photographing the ledger stones in the Garden of Remembrance area of the churchyard proved awkward because the bright sunshine threw out the flashlight which is needed to create the various angled shadows which make the inscriptions legible. Hence, Sue had to spend half the day with her nose up against a large piece of plywood in a bid to eliminate the sunshine.
Sue confined to our equivalent of the naughty step.... 
Eileen and I however were able to fully enjoy the gorgeous weather by measuring and recording some of the gravestones at the west side.
Eileen enjoys a pleasant day in the sunshine
We had satisfying lunch at the Elm Tree Pub while a funeral service took place in the church. Afterwards, when the cortege had gone to the crematorium in Skipton, we returned to carry on with the churchyard survey.

It’s a long time since we worked in the sunshine, and it made for a very pleasant day.

Jane Lunnon

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