Saturday, 30 April 2016

Wednesday 28th April 2016

Well it was four seasons in one day today which was quite fun!

Despite the chilly temperatures it started out as quite a nice day and five of us set out on surveying and photographing the gravestones on the east side, and ledgers in the “Garden of Remembrance”.

There were spits and spots of rain which forced us in for an early coffee break, and again for an early lunch, to give our cameras and papers time to dry out. We felt sorry for the men on the church roof who continued working in the rapidly dropping temperatures, under increasingly grey skies.

Waiting for the hailstones to stop
In the afternoon, there was an ongoing battle with the elements – in-between a series of short but heavy falls of hailstones we retreated back inside the church, and then snatched a few minutes more photography before dashing back in again as the hailstones came back.

There were a few visitors to the church today – despite the weather it is the beginning of the tourist season, and passing ramblers and strollers often pop into St Mary’s. Let’s hope none of them got caught under the hailstones which came down about 3 pm and settled so thickly on the ground that it looked as though it had just snowed. 

At that point we surrendered and went home!

Jane Lunnon 

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