Monday, 22 August 2016

17 August 2016

Another busy day measuring, surveying, photographing and recording gravestones on the north side of St Mary’s churchyard.

Today we were joined by Gina, visiting us from Sussex. She learnt some new skills, made new friends, and enjoyed learning about the people who used to live here.
Gina enjoying her unusual holiday activity

We had to be careful today - we have often found ants' nests scattered around the churchyard - but today we found a wasps' nest in the ground - which Tony marked with a wooden post so we were reminded not to get too close!

Ground-Burrowing wasps' nest

Delivery of vital supplies - CAKE!!
The weather was changeable, but the most annoying thing was that there was at times too much sunshine!! We complain about the rain when we can’t work on the survey; we complain about the wind, because it disrupts the triangulation tapes; and now we complain about the sunshine because the sunlight reflects on the camera lens. This afternoon no matter how the shade-board was positioned we couldn’t avoid the low sun shining directly into the picture. So two gravestones have to be left for next time – when they will be photographed in the morning.

Nevertheless we had a good day - and enjoyed ourselves as usual!

Jane Lunnon

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