Thursday, 25 August 2016

Wednesday 24th August 2016

A warm, sunny summer’s day for our little team today, which gave Sue the chance to sport her new pink sun-hat.

We had planned to do some RTI on the north side where 3 gravestones had proved difficult to read with the naked eye last week. But the sun was so bright, throwing a good shadow, that these were very legible today, so we were able to get away with taking straightforward photographs of them before the sun moved too far over and the inscriptions became difficult to read again.
Using flags to indicate un-marked graves
 The rest of the day we spent measuring and photographing on the north side, and plotting in a large number of un-marked grave plots, of which there are many located within quite discrete areas on the north side.    

The summer sunshine brought out many visitors – relatives tending graves, as well as tourists out for a country walk, passing by and popping in to see the church and have a chat.

The next two weeks we will have a break, but work will resume again after that. In the meantime we are giving a lot of consideration to the next phase of the project – that is how to use and analyse the data we are collecting.  

Jane Lunnon

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