Monday, 17 October 2016

12 October 2016

A chilly day - autumn definitely in the air now; and that means the wasps have disappeared at last, and we could get to work back in the middle of the North section. 

Some of the burial plots around here are little more than low kerbstones, without any headstone, so they were hidden under the grass. While Tony got the mower out to prepare the churchyard for the open day this coming weekend, David Eastwood got busy with the shears to cut away some of the grass obscuring the inscriptions on the graves we were surveying today. 

Despite the occasional spit and spot of rain, and some strong winds - which made triangulation somewhat difficult - we did manage to complete a fair few measurements and photographs. 

We missed the robin who didn't turn up for us today - perhaps it found the weather too inclement for its liking. 

Jane Lunnon

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