Thursday, 6 October 2016

Wednesday 5th October 2016

Last Wednesday we were visited by the robin again as he watched us with perky curiosity going about our surveying – we were again mostly trying to identify the un-marked graves, and plotting them in.

But he wasn’t there today, which was a shame as we’re all very fond of him.

Still, at least the wasps’ nest appears to have quietened down with scarcely a sight of any of the inhabitants around their nest in the ground.
This meant that after finishing off plotting in the un-marked graves at the east end we could move back up to the middle of the north side of the churchyard again and resume surveying the gravestones there.  

The strong gusts of wind made triangulation with tapes pretty much impossible by lunchtime, and feeling very battered about we had quite a long lunch over which we discussed a recent visit that I made to the wonderful Arnos Vale cemetery in Bristol.  
Arnos Vale Cemtery, Bristol
Our little churchyard is not a patch on that large burial ground with so many impressive monuments, of course, but we hope we can emulate – on a smaller scale - their admirable work in making the graveyard a valued part of local heritage.

As we were working close to the edge of the churchyard, by the roadside, several local dog walkers stopped for a little chat as they passed by, giving us the opportunity to explain our project and hopefully encourage some interest in it. David Turner also popped by so that we could plan our graveyard tours for October 15th. Apparently both tours are already fully booked so David and I need to brush up on our scripts!!

Jane Lunnon

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